Successful Distance Learning Strategies

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As in project management terms, stakeholders are any people who have a legitimate interest in the project. In the case of a student taking a distance learning course, this means, partner, family, social friends, work colleagues, managers, employer, all have an interest in your decision and your study project, this means they are stakeholders in your project. Treat them in the same way that professional project managers treat their stakeholders. Think about their needs, think about their concerns, keep them informed appropriately, of your progress, treat them as partners in your project.

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Plan how, and when, and what, you will study. Draw up a timetable, if this is not already laid down by the demands of the course of its assignment or examination deadlines. Break it down into manageable periods. The course requirements, units, modules, assignments, examinations, will usually give you this structure. Plan when you will study, where you will study, how you will study. Plan time for reading, going on the internet, visiting the library, writing up assignments, traveling to sit examinations, all these need careful planning. Your course tutor will often be able to help with this. She/he will have experience in assisting new students in planning their studies.

Don’t Forget
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Monitor your progress on a regular, usually weekly, no less than monthly, basis. Use your tutor, she/he will be happy to give you deadlines, objectives, advice, and guidance, that will help you manage the course and stay on target.

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Respond to changing circumstances

One of the most attractive features of studying by distance learning is that it is a flexible, adaptable, method of studying. All human beings run into personal problems, illnesses, difficulties at work, family crises, become temporarily disenchanted, temporarily lose interest in the course. The bonus is that as a distance learning student, on most courses, you can manage these difficulties by slowing down, stopping, starting up again, speeding up, as often as it takes because you are on a distance learning course.

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