After School Activities That Make Dismissal Time Worth Waiting For

School is all about stress, whether we’d like to admit it or not. It’s all about slaving over the latest math problem, sweating bullets just trying to balance the next chemical reaction, and getting headaches over explaining how Tolkien’s Middle Earth is not an allegory for the real world — in a hundred words or less. The work is stressful, but if you don’t let the stress get to you, then school can actually be something to look forward to.

Photographer: Brooke Cagle | Source: Unsplash

Make that dismissal time: there are hundreds of after-school activities that can fill up those hours in between dismissal and dinner, and they can be fun and educational at the same time! Forget about video games, TV, movies, and loitering in the mall. Pick an after-school activity that you can enjoy without going through the hassle of spending too much money, or ruining your eyes.

What after-school activities might you be interested in? Here are a few examples.

Whichever after-school activity you choose, make sure it will benefit you physically, intellectually, and emotionally. And make sure that you have fun: an after-school activity should be something you look forward to every day.

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Dr. D. M. Hardy

I have a M.Ed. in Instructional Technology, and an Ed.D. in Adult & Career Education. I enjoy spreading knowledge, because we all need to be life-long learners.