A Brief History of Distance Education

Photographer: Roman Kraft | Source: Unsplash
  • 1858 — The University of London creates its External Program.
  • 1883 — New York State authorizes the Chautauqua Institute to award degrees earned via correspondence.
  • 1891 — The Colliery Engineer School of Mines renames itself International Correspondence Schools.
  • 1892 — The University of Chicago starts administering the first university courses by mail.
  • 1906 — The Calvert School of Baltimore becomes the first primary school in the United States to offer correspondence courses.
  • 1916 — The National University Continuing Education Association is created in the United States.
  • 1921 — Pennsylvania State College begins broadcasting courses on the radio.
  • 1933 — The University of Iowa begins broadcasting courses on television.
  • 1950 — The Ford Foundation begins offering grants to create and develop educational programs for television broadcasting.
  • 1967 — The Corporation for Public Broadcasting is created.
  • 1970 — Walden University is established.
  • 1974 — California State University offers a Master’s degree via correspondence.
  • 1982 — The National University Teleconferencing Network is established.
  • 1984 — The personal computer is named “man of the year” by Time Magazine.
NYC is not a city, it’s a world!
Photographer: Saketh Garuda | Source: Unsplash



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Dr. D. M. Hardy

Dr. D. M. Hardy

I have a M.Ed. in Instructional Technology, and an Ed.D. in Adult & Career Education. I enjoy spreading knowledge, because we all need to be life-long learners.